Essential Vitamins ABCDE and Their Benefits


Vitamins build up our bodies, and we need to consume enough amounts to keep ourselves going. Unfortunately, we all lead busy lives that may cause us to sometimes choose shortcuts. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible through our vitamin therapy program that keeps up with your hectic schedule. Among the essential vitamins, you should be able to […]

Caring for Your Skin This Winter

woman applying a sunscreen on her face in snowy mountains in winter

The frigid winter months can be problematic for your skin. Blustery winds and cold, dry air can leave your skin brittle, itchy, and dull. The cold that winter brings often forces many people to stay indoors, limiting the amount of sunlight they get and robbing them of Vitamin D.  Caring for your skin this winter […]

After the Botox Care and Maintenance


Are you enjoying the youthful look after your botox injection? We are with you in celebrating wellness and excellent work! You deserve to get the look you have always dreamed of. And because we have your back, we also share post-botox maintenance and aftercare so you can enjoy the benefits of your session for longer. […]

Sleep and Rest: Let Your Body Recover for Better

sleep and rest let your body recover for better

Have you noticed how you feel and look bad after missing some sleep or not having some rest? Our bodies are designed to recover themselves, and we do that by taking some time off. With enough sleep and rest, our bodies can function well again. This may be commonly referred to as “Beauty Sleep”, but […]

What Are the Common Sources of Toxins

what are the common sources of toxins

Toxins exist everywhere, and our bodies are always exposed to them. Unfortunately, toxins can be difficult to detect because they are not as visible as any other household item. Knowing the sources of toxins can help a person avoid or minimize their exposure to such unwanted substances. Here are some of the sources of toxins: […]

Correcting Common Myths About Getting Botox

correcting common myths about getting botox

Botox may have been a mainstream option in today’s society. But, it certainly has not escaped from the usual myths and misconceptions, which are not based on anything solid. Botox is just like any other procedure. There is an intended goal and other effects. Its impact can also vary on a case-to-case basis. Let us […]

Is IV Hydration Right for Me?

Vitamin Therapy IV Drip Infusion In Man Blood

We’re all looking for safe and effective ways to keep our bodies hydrated and full of nutrients. Most people try their best to drink plenty of water and get essential nutrients from their diet. Many times, these strategies take time to keep up with.  If you’re concerned about if your body is hydrated enough, IV […]

Is Stress Damaging Your Face and Wellness?

is stress damaging your face and wellness

The world can be stressful. The stress we experience can impact our health, our mental state, as well as our behaviors. Signs of stress can also manifest in our faces and skin. This article is not meant to scare you about how stress impacts your looks, but a relevant reading about why it is important […]

How to Care For Your Skin After Microneedling?

how to care for your skin after microneedling

In everything that we do, thinking ahead puts us at an advantage. This is especially true when it comes to our health and wellness. The work of getting a procedure starts with research and continues well even after we get the actual procedure. After-care is as important as our preparation before it. If you have […]

What to Expect When Getting Vaginal Rejuv

what to expect when getting vaginal rejuv

Wellness procedures that are safe and effective are now available in the market to answer many of our needs and preferences. And, when it comes to what is “down there”, options are now available. Whether these treatments are done for cosmetic purposes, to improve one’s self-esteem, or address age-related conditions, vaginal corrective treatments can be […]

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