What Are the Common Sources of Toxins

what are the common sources of toxins

Toxins exist everywhere, and our bodies are always exposed to them. Unfortunately, toxins can be difficult to detect because they are not as visible as any other household item. Knowing the sources of toxins can help a person avoid or minimize their exposure to such unwanted substances.

Here are some of the sources of toxins:

  • Air pollution contributes unwanted particles into the air. Some of these compounds can be especially damaging to the human body. Polluted air is unhealthy to breathe.
  • Pesticides contain toxic chemicals that are regularly used in agriculture to ward off pests – but they can also be unsafe for human consumption. Pesticide compounds can also be washed off and consumed in the ecosystem.
  • Drugs and alcohol are still toxins, and when consumed, our livers work overtime to eliminate such substances.
  • Care products such as personal care or householding cleaning agents may contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the eyes or throat or cause health problems.
  • Plastic contains a lot of harmful chemicals, and while it is visibly noticeable, their minute version called microplastic can be consumed by humans and animals through time.

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