How to Care For Your Skin After Microneedling?

how to care for your skin after microneedling

In everything that we do, thinking ahead puts us at an advantage. This is especially true when it comes to our health and wellness. The work of getting a procedure starts with research and continues well even after we get the actual procedure. After-care is as important as our preparation before it.

If you have a microneedling session coming up, here are some after-care tips to ensure the results last longer and no complications derail your progress.

  • What to avoid. Microneedling encourages the skin to make more collagen as it responds to the pinpricks on the surface. This means that your skin channels are sensitive and open after the session. Avoid sun exposure, makeup, sweating, or skin care products with retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids, especially during the first week of your recovery.
  • How to improve skin healing. While the skin will heal on its own, you can also do something to promote the process. Staying hydrated, for example, ensures your body has enough supply of fluids. You can also try cooling masks. An antioxidant serum or collagen-stimulating peptides may also apply to your situation.

Make sure you have written the expert’s after-care notes once your session is over.

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