About Us

Medspa Services in Stamford, Connecticut

Restoring your body

  • Delivering nutrients and minerals to your body through direct infusion
  • Strengthening your health system and functions and repairing damaged tissues
  • Enhancing your features to make you look and feel good

Replenishing your mind

  • Boosting your confidence with industry-grade treatments and products
  • Managing your stress and anxiety levels in a peaceful, friendly environment
  • Improving your home and work performance for a better mental health

Revitalizing your soul

  • Instilling renewed vigor in your outlook on life
  • Providing you with a healthy and balanced transformation

Our Mission

We aim for greatness in our medical spa treatment services, guaranteeing exceptional results to every person; restoring bodies, revitalizing spirits, and replenishing minds.

face spa young woman doing face spa

Who We Are

Looking for a Medspa Services in Stamford, Connecticut, that understands your needs and goals? You are looking for Pure Chateau Wellness Medspa! Serving Connecticut and beyond, we continue to offer top-notch treatment services for everyone needing them.

At our agency, we allow everyone to disengage from life and everyday stress with proven and tested medical procedures. Moreover, we offer an environment that’s conducive to YOUR overall wellness. With our friendly workers, we strive to make your relaxation days meaningful and memorable. And this is all because of our mantra: to make our clients feel more confident to set unique health goals and empowered to make them a reality.

Every person’s transformation can be different, but no matter the case, we deliver and facilitate healthy approaches that stimulate your wellness. We have all sorts of treatments for different purposes, which include pain relief, facial aesthetics, hangover remedies, energy boost, improved focus, and a fresh dose of nutrients. On top of that, we utilize safe, non-invasive methods that you can trust.

From IV infusion therapy to botox injections, we take you on a different ride to self-care. When it comes to wellness-in-one services, Pure Chateau Wellness Medspa is the top agency. Get in touch with your inner you by partnering with us today and always.

Natalie Garcia

Owner's Bio

A proud mother of two, Natalie Garcia holds a bachelor's degree in nursing at Northeastern University in Boston. She began her nursing career at New York Presbyterian in a Medical/Surgical Unit. After three years, she transitioned to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit caring for ill children from all age groups. While in the PICU, she was recognized for her leadership capabilities & became an in-charge nurse & oriented new graduate nurses. During this time, she received a Graduate Degree, obtained a Masters in Nursing Education, and decided to share her passion for teaching others. She has served as Adjunct Nursing Faculty at New York University, Sacred Heart University, and the University of Connecticut, teaching nursing students who desired to entire the profession to serve and care for others. At the same time, her nursing career advanced into nursing leadership as a nurse administrator at New York Presbyterian. With self-care being her passion, she began taking aesthetic courses and utilizing health education skills to open Pure Chateau Wellness Medspa.


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What You Can Expect From Us

Don’t wait for the holidays to get yourself a much-needed break with us. We connect you intrinsically to traditional spa methods with a touch of medical knowledge.

Medical Aesthetics Technology

We rely on highly innovative equipment and supplies in supporting us as we deliver unique and personalized treatment sessions. At our medical spa, we promote medical advancement as a discipline.

A Balance of Mind, Body, and Soul

What makes us stand out from other practices in the same industry is our insistence on holistic recovery. We don’t just address direct needs; we look at all the areas of your health that require attention and develop a treatment plan based on that. By doing this, we prepare you for recovery that lasts and feels more rewarding in the long run.

High-Standard Expertise for Long-Term Issues

Aside from instant relief, we ensure that long-term health issues are addressed with care. Our non-traditional spa methods allow us to work on your unique needs with sustainable results.