Two Reasons PRP Treatments Are the Hair Loss Treatment for You

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Platelet-rich plasma treatments have been rising in popularity. Studies show that PRP treatments for hair loss effectively increase the number of hair follicles and hair density.

If you want to solve your hair loss and restore your confidence, here are the top three reasons you should consider PRP treatments.

You’re Looking for Hair Restoration With Minimal Side Effects 

With any procedure, there are side effects. PRP treatments are no exception. PRP treatments can have redness, scarring, and infection at the injection site. However, redness is expected to be a temporary effect, while chances of developing scarring and infection are lowered when working with a trusted professional.

Because PRP treatments utilize your blood to form the regenerative solution injected into application sites, the chance of allergic reaction due to the solution is low.

Other hair restoration methods can have various side effects and medical consequences. Common medicines like finasteride and minoxidil, when taken orally, have been shown to have side effects that affect the body in a variety of ways. From further hair loss to heart complications as well as gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction, oral medication can result in unwanted side effects.

Hair transplantation can lead to scarring, unsuccessful transplantation, and even skin necrosis.

To fully understand how PRP treatments may affect you, be sure to speak to your doctor.

You Want a Procedure That Won’t Take Hours

PRP treatments take less than an hour to complete, with a short amount of waiting for your blood to be treated before it is injected into the application sites.

PRP treatments also have minimal downtime, with the procedure being performed as an outpatient procedure. You could return to work after your treatment if you so choose.

Pure Chateau Wellness MedSpa Offers PRP Treatments for Hair Loss

If you’d like to combat hair loss in a clinically effective, minimal side effects, and time-efficient way, PRP treatments are for you.

With just a few treatments, you could gain back lost hair, fuller and denser. But treatment begins at consultation and partnering with someone who you can trust to deliver you care and results.

At Pure Chateau Wellness MedSpa, we prioritize care and wellness. Our team is here to guide you through your health and wellness transformation.

To learn more about how PRP treatments can help you, contact Pure Chateau Wellness Medspa at 203-461-3181 today.

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