Recognizing Sun-Damaged Skin

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Few things like radiant, glowing skin can give you a healthy appearance. Our skin is one of the first things others notice about us, so it’s crucial to do your best to take care of it. One way to make sure that our skin is healthy is to take in plenty of Vitamin D, which our sun can provide in abundance. However, too much sun can be damaging to your skin and create many issues down the road. Are you concerned that your skin has suffered sun damage? Here are a few things to look for and how our office can help keep you protected.


As we age, having wrinkles is a standard part of the experience. Wrinkling skin often occurs because your skin loses its elasticity over time. However, younger people who have wrinkling skin may be exposed to danger. Young people with wrinkled skin are one of the warning signs that can indicate sun-damaged has occurred. Sun-induced wrinkling can cause your skin to become dry and coarse and can produce unsightly blemishes such as blotchiness, liver spots, and spider veins. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, speaking with a professional may be worth considering.


If you’ve seen red veins around your nose and cheeks, there is a significant chance that you’ve experienced sun damage to your skin. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are powerful; sometimes, prolonged exposure can cause harm to the capillaries under the skin. When this happens, it can create red, blotchy bumps on your nose and cheeks.

Changes to Moles on Your Skin

Many people have moles on their skin, but sun damage can cause them to change, and it’s crucial to have a keen eye on moles. Atypical moles are common, but changes in color and size could indicate a deeper issue.

Protecting Your Skin

Most people enjoy time in the sun, but with that said, it’s crucial to take proper measures to protect your skin. Wearing sunblock, hats, glasses, and protective clothing are all valuable tools to protect your skin from damage.

Sometimes, your skincare regimen needs an additional boost to give your skin extra help against the sun’s powerful rays. Pure Chateu Wellness Medispa can provide several cosmetic treatments to help heal sun-damaged skin. We offer chemical peels, phototherapy, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments to help promote healthy skin growth and restore your skin’s vibrance. For more on what treatment may suit your needs, please get in touch with our Stamford location by calling us today at 203-461-3181.

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