How Do IV Infusions Work, and What Are They?

how do iv infusions work and what are they

Vitamin IV therapy and IV infusions give the body important nutrients through the veins. When vitamins and other essential nutrients are sent directly to the bloodstream, they skip the digestive system, where many nutrients may be lost and not absorbed.

With an IV infusion or vitamin injections, the vitamins and minerals can go to work immediately, restoring and reviving your organs and body from the inside out.

Also, vitamin therapy lets you get more vitamins into your body than you can take orally safely.

In delivering IV Hydration in Stamford, Connecticut, only experienced wellness and health professionals should give IV infusion therapy and vitamin injections.

The length of an IV therapy session depends on what kind of infusion the patient chooses and how many injections are given.

IV infusion therapy will have a little different effect on everyone. What you feel after treatment will depend on which drip you choose and how your body reacts to the chemicals.

IV therapy has no known risks that come from the body absorbing a lot of vitamins and nutrients. But the needle injection itself does come with a few risks, as well as getting a PRP treatment.

If you want to try IV therapy or vitamin injections, you can go to Pure Chateau Wellness Medspa LLC. We offer a wide range of treatments, including Botox Injections, to meet all of your needs. Contact us anytime.

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