Before the Botox: Advice Ahead of Session

before the botox advice ahead of session

People yearn for their youth — and for many of us, this is within their reach. As the botox session is coming up, many clients are looking forward to saying hello to their youthful appearance.

While we share the excitement with you, we would also aim to be more helpful. In this case, we provide as much information as our clients need for a successful botox session and after treatment. One of these advisories is about what must be done (or avoided) before their botox session.

If your botox date is around the corner, here are some reminders.

  • Avoid drinking wine at least a week before the botox appointment. If you love drinking wine, particularly red wine, give yourself some time to give up on this fave for just a couple of days. The risk of bruising increases with the consumption of wine.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory meds a week before the botox schedule. Some medications to avoid may be suggested as early as two weeks. This is also to prevent swelling and bruising after your botox treatment.

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